Thursday, April 19, 2018

TOWN: Court Security....PART 2- Town Board Meeting

Another astounding exchange at this month's Board meeting over the Town Court Judge's request to:

 1- Have a safety inspection of the Town Court Offices:  
TURNED DOWN - because "the state inspection will show a number of problems..and whenever the State comes in it gets more complicated"...."we don't know what the state is looking for"...

2 - SECURITY:  a deputy sheriff to attend six sessions PER YEAR at a COST OF $1,600....
TURNED DOWN:   according to Salka we already spend too much on the Court... " the Court already costs the Town about $5,000" !  What kind of ANSWER is that for the safety of the residents?...have any of these BOARD members ever bothered to haul their asses to one of the DA nights where people are lined up to the door? 

Pick up the Waterville Times and see if your yourself.....attend a meeting.  See you in May!

TOWN SUPERVISOR: PART 1 - "Not My Job"...unless you are CAMPAIGNING!

Please, do grab a copy of the Waterville Times this week.  Great coverage of the April BROOKFIELD Town Board meeting.

The primary topic was the Gorton Lake Rd. disaster.... dug up and left in September until Spring.... when it could be "fixed".

When residents showed up to complain the answers varied from:  "take another road"...."prove the road damaged your car"...and "not my job"...all from the guy who wants to change things in Albany...change to what...the hell hole this town has become. 

Just listen to Salka's campaign radio interview where he boldly takes credit for the Highway Dept's "50% drop in maintenance" and "no trucks older than 4 yrs old"...and hypocritically claims to residents at their Town meeting, that he has nothing to do with the Highway Dept other than the Budget...while he and the Board cry:"NOT MY JOB"...then what the hell is you job??? Other than collecting: salary - benefits - and using a community for your benefit?  Sure, let's take his "road show" to Albany...."swamp-qualified"......share the grief  with the rest of the State.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Flick's - Supervisor Speaks Out !! Go Johnny!

John Salka wants us all to know the following...glad to see you read my blog, John-Boy:

Sent to me, personally from Brookfield Town Supervisor, John Salka -- a guy that's ALBANY-READY....

In your obsession to finding something that I do wrong, you, in fact, got it wrong again. I did not put the posted signs up on the property next to the town hall, Mr.Kabanna did. Of course you will not correct this inaccuracy to the very small number of people that read your "blog". Please check your facts next time,again....

John-Boy - that was a helluva' lot cheaper that all that money spent you spent on attorney letters $$$$.....use your head and not the taxpayer money!! Again, glad to see you among my followers !!!

Monday, April 9, 2018


Just took another look at the WWF Star article re: Leonardsville School sale...the contract, to purchase the building for $100,000 is with MARSH CONSTRUCTION or UNADILLA VALLEY BAPTIST it all cash?  or a cheap down pay and low terms just to unload...I would feel better about it if the School Board hadn't included a totally misleading article on the background and other details that those that have followed this district know are hardly the full picture.  They just want to unload the building and throw it in Brookfield's backyard with the rest of the trash that's has piled up. 

Flick Tavern vs. Salka: ROUND 8? ...

If expensive attorney letters won't work...put up a POSTED SIGN...why didn't I think of that??? Go John Boy! Make Brookfield ....? Again???!   That's the kind of back bone we need in Albany...


The West Winfield Star carries a lot of good, local info...this week they also mentioned the SALE of the Leonardsville School to the "Unadilla Forks Baptist Church" is "PENDING" and looking for a JUNE 30 CLOSING?  Yet, it appears they are still looking for financial partners.  It would be nice, however I hope they have a firm understanding of the costs to operate and maintain that facility on a monthly basis.  Of course the Mt.Markham school board jumped at the chance to UNLOAD this building and its expenses.  What assurances are there that Mt. Markham's problems won't become Brookfield's problems??...LIKE THE SUTTON PLACE ON Rte 8......and take a look at what happened to the BRIDGEWATER School that Mt. Markham dumped!!! Then again, Brookfield has never been too "house proud" .... Sutton's place is considered "historical preservation" in this Town.  Sure, Salka's gonna "fix the swamp" in Albany...and leave a GARBAGE DUMP of a community behind.  JUST LOOK AROUND....

EMMALYN SMITH: Naval Academy Appointment !!!

Congratulations to EMMALYN SMITH, BCS student appointed to the US NAVAL ACADEMY!! The  April 4 West Winfield Star has a nice, front page article on Emmalyn ...Impressive young lady...!