Wednesday, March 25, 2015

JEFF MAYNE - New "Land Use Administrator" for Town of Plainfield

From today's issue of the West Winfield Star:

At its March 12, 2015 meeting, the Town of Plainfield Town Board  (Unadilla Forks) appointed Jeff Mayne as the new Land Use Administrator.  He replaces John McNulty who resigned after not having been reappointed at the Town's reorganization meeting in January.      The Board had not decided on the compensation for the new appointee.  Some residents at the meeting expressed concerns that he [Mayne] should be held to the same standards as McNulty, the previous Land Use Administrator...."McNulty had sent a letter to the Board addressing concerns in dealing with the county and also provided an outline of responsibilities of the Land Use Administrator and history of past actions."

Monday, March 23, 2015


Following is a link to the POST STANDARD article with the details on the fatal accident in Leonardsville which occurred Thursday.   Apparently, the trio was in the process of fleeing with an ATV stolen from a local garage.  The victim, David Elliott of Bridgewater, was ejected from the bed of the pickup and subsequently run over by another vehicle as he lay in the road.  Details are here at the PS:

Friday, March 20, 2015


Just saw on WKTV today... apparently, occurred last below:

EDMESTON, NY -- There are reports that a person was hit by a car just outside of West Edmeston.
The accident happened just after 9:30 p.m. Thursday along Route 8, several miles south of Leonardsville.
NEWSChannel 2 crews on the scene said the road is blocked off to traffic. State Police, who are handling the investigation, said troopers are still on the scene, and they cannot release any other information at this time."

Stay with NEWSChannel 2 for updates.

RABIES - Three Animals Test Positive in Hamilton-Lebanon Area

Oneida Dispatch reported today:  That on Thursday, Madison County Health Department announced the first positive rabies results of 2015 found in three animals. In Lebanon a cow and cat tested positive for rabies, and in Hamilton a cat recently tested positive for rabies, officials said.
The un-vaccinated cow was this year’s first confirmed animal to be infected with the rabies virus in Madison County, followed by the two cats testing positive for rabies a few days later. Both cats were barn cats. One cat came from the same location as the rabid cow in Lebanon and the other cat from a farm nearby in Hamilton, a little over 1,800 feet away." See the rest of the story at:

Thursday, March 19, 2015

SEX OFFENDER - Failure to report - West Edmeston....

FYI - The following CRIME notice appeared in the ONDEIDA DISPATCH.

Friday, March 13: Christopher Bartlett, 24, of West Edmeston, was charged as a sex offender failing to report a change of address.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

STOLEN, Brookfield AK-47 Recovered in Utica Raid....

STOLEN, Brookfield AK-47 Recovered in Utica Raid....  see today's OD and WKTV... an AK-47, alleged to have been stolen in a Brookfield burglary has been recovered during yesterday's raid of a Utica apartment.... the raid was a part of the  MADISON COUNTY SHERIFF DEPT's investigation of a Brookfield burglary.  OD:

"Hauck says they got the gun, which was an AK47 believed to be stolen from Brookfield. Utica Police were assisting Madison County with their warrant. Quentin Faison, age 28, of Wall Street, is under arrest for criminal possession of stolen property, criminal posseson of a gun and criminal possession of a firearm."  WKTV

Thursday, March 5, 2015



 BCS...where gym teachers ($60k)  and grounds keepers ($50-55k)  & bus garage ($60k)  earn more than the TEACHERS...and at $144,000 the  SUPERINTENDENT earns more than other districts with 10x the student population (NYMills & Rome!)...
Owens,Paul T $63,372 2012 Transportation Manager
Kupris,Mark E $52,007  2012
Kupris,Paul E $45,100  2012 Building & Grounds Manager
Murdock, Brent J $60,009  2012 Specials Phys Ed
Howlett, Karen A $66,165  2012 Specials Phys Ed

Very interesting....apparently we have 30 students in BCS unaccounted for -- we're always told it's 240....or are they excluding 10% of the student population that they bring in from OTHER a "reported" enrollment of 209 our per student costs are $28,000+  and the national average is $10,608.....
Do the math
Budget  $     5,900,000 Last year's Budget at BCS
Students 209
Per Child  $         28,230 Per Year
 The Utica school district spends $15,129 per student — 42.6 percent higher than the national average of $10,608. BROOKFIELD COST = $28,230 per student.  - 
Alliance: Local schools owed more than $100M
According to data provided by the Alliance for Quality Education, area schools are owed more than $100 million through money due in foundation aid and money cut though the Gap Elimination Adjustment. - See more at:

District            Enrollment      Owed
Adirondack            1,237      $392,516
Brookfield              209         $164,294
Camden                2,167      $4,706,709
Canastota             1,449      $3,564,641
Clinton                 1,277      $1,010,182
Dolgeville              893         $2,409,664
F-Schuyler           1,028      $1,956,455
Hamilton               537         $460,009
Herkimer               1,153      $2,516,625
Holland Patent     1,446      $1,999,235
Little Falls             1,122      $2,733,397
Mt. Markham         1,081      $1,423,790
New Hartford        2,596      $3,177,415
N.Y. Mills               577         $161,466
Oneida                 2,179      $3,611,049
Oriskany              Numbers could not be verified
Owen D. Young      184         $84,691
- See more at: