Saturday, July 18, 2015

WTF?? Salka is at it again...

UPDATE:  And isn't it interesting that the AGENDA for that meeting was never posted on the Town website...they were AFRAID that people would show up at the MEETING ! COWARDS ALL!
Just another under the radar move by Supervisor Salka and the Town Board... guess the rumor was true... and he snuck this by right after the deadline for anyone to file to run against him.  And now only one judge?  The VOTERS are the ones that should make that decision...... let's make it to the August 10 public meeting .... and wasn't this guy Salka a supporter of term limits ??  -- oh, right, for "others"....time to limit some terms around here. Hedging his bets to arrange to run for Magee's Assembly seat again?.... Starting to run the Town like the School.

Notice of Public Hearing

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Town Board of the Town of Brookfield shall conduct a public hearing at 6:30 pm on August 10, 2015 at the North Brookfield Firehouse, North Brookfield, NY to consider passage of a Local Law entitled A LOCAL LAW PROVIDING A FOUR YEAR TERM FOR THE ELECTIVE OFFICE OF TOWN SUPERVISOR OF THE TOWN OF BROOKFIELD”.

 Copies of the proposed Local Law are available for public inspection at the Town Clerk’s office during regular office hours.

 Sherry Perretta, Town Clerk
 Posted: July 15, 2015

Notice is hereby given that the Town Board of the Town of Brookfield, Madison County, New York, at a Town Board meeting thereof held on July 13th, 2015, duly adopted the following resolution, subject to permissive referendum.


WHEREAS, the Town Board of the Town of Brookfield hereby determines that it would be in the best interest of the Town to reduce the number of town justices from two to one in that there is presently no need for two justices to handle the volume of matters in the Town Court of the Town of Brookfield, and 

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, pursuant to the provisions of subparagraph 2 of section 60-a of the Town Law of the State of New York as follows:

1.  The number of town justices of the Town of Brookfield shall be reduced from two to one effective January 1, 2016.
2.  In accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2, of section 60-a of the Town Law, this Resolution is adopted subject to permissive referendum, and shall not become operative or effective unless and until 30 days have elapsed after its adoption and no petition protesting against this local law signed and authenticated as required by law has been filed with the Town Clerk of the Town of Brookfield, or if such petition is filed, a proposition for approval of this Resolution has been submitted at the next general election or a special election for that purpose pursuant to said section and received the affirmative vote of a majority of the voters thereon.
Posted: July 15, 2015

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

LEONARDSVILLE EMS Coverage Needs Attention !

Check out Barb Howard's column in this week's WEST WINFIELD STAR.

We need more people like her who are willing to step up and voice concern and "carry the ball" to get some critical EMS issues resolved.  Nothing like a "deaf ear" from the so-called responsible parties who "know nothing/do nothing" maintaining the status quo.  Thank you for carrying the ball for the rest of the neighborhood, before it takes a horrific mistake that costs lives.  Am sure that this is only the "tip of the iceberg" and Leonardsville is not alone in its concerns.  THANK YOU BARB HOWARD!.. See the July 15 issue/ page 12 in the column "Leonardsville/West Edmeston Corridor" !

MEDICAID & FOOD STAMP - Drug Testing Should be Required

It is not often that I would agree with someone like Republican candidate, Scott Walker, I DO AGREE with his stance on drug testing for anyone receiving MEDICAID and/or  FOOD STAMPS.  If the rest of us have to pee in a cup to apply for and keep a job, it should be required of those receiving government benefits.  Today an article appeared in the Oneida Dispatch with a mother/daughter team shooting heroin in the County Office Building...and likely there for benefits!  Here is the Scott Walker article ...not much more that I agree with him on....but this hits home and would clean up so much crime that we the taxpayers are funding through these freebies.  

Scott Walker Sues Feds Over Food Stamp Drug Testing

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fire departments respond to barn fire in Hamilton Monday

Fire departments respond to barn fire in Hamilton Monday

 Oneida Dispatch reports.... full link below.

The farm is owned by the Carhart family. Madison County Property tax records show it is owned by White Eagle Farmland, LLC. Fire dispatch information indicated that there was an apartment attached to the barn. Prior to arrival of fire departments, everyone had been evacuated from the barn. Fire departments working at the scene and as mutual aid included: Eaton, Morrisville, Madison, Earlville, Hamilton, Munnsville, Smithfield, Georgetown, Cazenovia, Oriskany Falls and Hubbardsville.

Monday, July 13, 2015


By comparison, rumor has it that there might be a Brookfield Town Board meeting...a check of the website shows no agenda... so yes, it must be a "regular" meeting...regularly no information.

MADISON CO. Board of Supervisors - Meeting Agenda for JULY 14

Good coverage of MADISON COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS monthly meeting agenda is found in the ONEIDA Dispatch.  Following are a summary of their most recent article and link to the county site for agenda materials.   

WAMPSVILLE>> The next regular meeting of the Madison County Board of Supervisors is set for Tuesday, July 14,
•Among 32 agenda items, the board will consider creating an emergency management planner position.
pickup an item tabled at their June 9 meeting, “preferred agendas”, or a format or course of action for how all items are ultimately placed on a meeting agenda.

accept a $141,589 grant from the state Office of Children and Family Servicesfor the Madison County Child Advocacy Center
Introduce a proposed local lawand schedule a public hearing. conveying real property in the city of Oneida to a David and Timothy Taylor for a price of $2,000 .... a 1.67 acre parcel which border their land .
consider a resolution to continue the Buy Madison bank endorsed debit card campaign with Community Bank which is expected to soon be merging with Oneida Savings Bank who currently administers the program.
approve an agreement with Madison County Sewer District for Biosolids Disposal.... the landfill will accept the biosolids for disposal for a tipping fee of $42 per ton.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

JEFF MAYNE - New "Land Use Administrator" for Town of Plainfield

From today's issue of the West Winfield Star:

At its March 12, 2015 meeting, the Town of Plainfield Town Board  (Unadilla Forks) appointed Jeff Mayne as the new Land Use Administrator.  He replaces John McNulty who resigned after not having been reappointed at the Town's reorganization meeting in January.      The Board had not decided on the compensation for the new appointee.  Some residents at the meeting expressed concerns that he [Mayne] should be held to the same standards as McNulty, the previous Land Use Administrator...."McNulty had sent a letter to the Board addressing concerns in dealing with the county and also provided an outline of responsibilities of the Land Use Administrator and history of past actions."