Monday, February 2, 2015

TOWN BOARD - Rules Of Decorum for the Board !!!

TOWN BOARD - Rules of Decorum  For the BOARD !

Kudos to Larry Krauss for an excellent "Letter to the Editor" in this week's Waterville Times!!! Larry also takes issue with the new “Rules of Decorum” passed by the Town Board that further restricts public participation and comment at Regular Board Meetings.  While “legal”, the new "RULES effectively limit any inquiry as to what is going on in this Town.  So,why now?

Frankly, because the "natives" are restless and asking questions, demanding performance!!  Enough of the promises...and "I'll look into it"...."it's under discussion"..."there's nothing we can do"....and ignoring the PUBLIC !    

This “gag” rule comes at a time when it is so critical to be informed about the changes and issues affecting our community;   when OPEN discourse with our elected representatives is most  essential, YET we are HANDED a four page “sit down & shut up” set of rules.  While it may be “legal” it doesn’t make it RIGHT!!!

New “RULES” at Town Website:

How about some RULES OF DECORUM for the Town SUPERVISOR & THE BOARD?  Here are some suggestions:  

1. CONFLICTS OF INTEREST - Put the COMMUNITY before your personal, family and political interests by DISCLOSING and NOT VOTING on resolutions where there is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

2, BE INFORMED - Have a fundamental understanding of the issues; some Board members believe their ignorance is an acceptable excuse and attempt to pass it off as "open-mindedness"!
3.  CONDUCT MEETINGS - publicly, at properly noticed times and not in private business establishments and behind closed doors.

4.  BOARD MINUTES & AGENDA –  Minutes and the agenda should be prepared for each meeting an available to the PUBLIC within a REASONABLE period of time.   When was the last time we saw MINUTES? Then, we can see what we missed and when those "formal" resolutions are finally written up!  And STOP WITH the same “cookie cutter” AGENDA with little, if any, information about matters to go before the Board.

5.  BE PREPARED - put a little effort in ...maybe read up on the issues, minutes, topics, resolutions BEFORE THE MEETING STARTS...not while you're sitting there at the table..

6.  DISCLOSURE - Let us KNOW when the COUNTY SUPERVISORS are voting for their own salary increases on TOP of their FREE health insurance...don't hide it in the budget or neglect to mention it in Supervisor’s County report.   The TAXPAYERS have a right to know when you are giving yourselves a salary increase at OUR expense! ….As happened this year!

7.  EARN RESPECT - a four page list of rules for the PUBLIC is the Supervisor's means of achieving respect..?  As Krauss summed it up:  “you don’t COMMAND respect… you EARN IT!”

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

NYS - So Long Silver.....!!!!

It's official....Sheldon Silver is stepping down as Assembly Speaker...from Capital Confidential:
Sheldon Silver’s 21-year reign as speaker of the New York state Assembly will end on Monday. Under the process agreed to by the 105-member Democratic majority, Majority Leader Joe Morelle of Rochester will be voted in Monday as interim speaker until the Feb. 10 election of a permanent leader. Morelle is expected to be a candidate for the post, along with Keith Wright of Manhattan and Carl Heastie from the Bronx. (TU)
As he left the Capitol just before 8 p.m., Silver would not say if he plans offer a resignation as speaker or if members will vote him out. He said only that he will not hinder the succession process. (CapCon)

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Sheldon need to do the right thing and RESIGN.  Bill Magee, et al. it's up to you and the rest of the Assembly to see this rotten apple gets dumped from the barrel.  ANY LEGISLATOR standing behind SS deserves to follow him and his greed out the door.  For too many years it has been all too apparent that ALBANY has been a hotbed of graft and abuse.  Here is an editorial from the Syracuse Post Standard that adequately sums it up....DUMP THE CHUMP...send him to the CURB!

NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver must resign (Editorial)

It should go without saying that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver -- charged Thursday with taking millions of dollars in graft -- must resign from that job. He's politically crippled, ethically bankrupt and supremely unfit to lead.

But that may not be enough. Silver should consider quitting Albany entirely -- for the good of the institution, the good of the state and the good of the people.

The speaker has professed his innocence, and he will have his day in court. However, from now on he will carry the taint of corruption wherever he goes.

Say Silver does quit his leadership job but remains in the Legislature. After 20 years as speaker, does anyone believe he would be content to be a back-bencher in the Assembly? It doesn't matter where he sits in the chamber; Silver still will be pulling the strings.
Need proof? Just look at the Assembly Democrats lining up behind their leader in his hour of crisis. Have you ever seen (or heard) a more deluded bunch?"We have every confidence that the speaker is going to continue to fulfill his role with distinction," Rochester Assemblyman Joe Morelle said. This was before he read the 35-page criminal complaint against Silver.

We recommend that everyone read it -- and weep. Then demand more from your elected officials than blind allegiance to their embattled leader.
With corruption charges hanging over the speaker's head, any deals Cuomo and Skelos might cut with him would be suspect in the eyes of the public.
Syracuse Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli, a lawyer himself, said this after Silver's arrest: "It's the same as it was yesterday. Nothing has changed except there's this new wrinkle, so to speak."

On the contrary, Mr. Magnarelli. Everything has changed. If the allegations are true, Albany's cancer of corruption reaches right to the top. At minimum, our elected leaders should remove Silver from the speaker role.

As one of Albany's "three men in a room,'' along with the governor and the Senate majority leader, Silver has negotiated every piece of important legislation passed in New York state over the past two decades. The New York Times called Silver "a mercurial and potent force who could single-handedly sink the most cherished plans of mayors and governors.''
It's ironic that one of Albany's most opaque politicians appears to have been done in by aroutine ethics disclosure form. It's doubly ironic that the seeds of Silver's downfall were sown by the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption -- which he succeeded in closing down as part of the last budget deal. Thankfully, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara picked up where Moreland left off.

Now, with corruption charges hanging over the speaker's head, any deals Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos might cut with him would be suspect in the eyes of the public.

Silver is damaged goods. He should leave Albany before they run him out on a rail.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Be sure to get a copy of this week's Waterville about unmitigated gall....these guys surpass themselves at every meeting.  SALKA - the new "Rules of Decorum" are quite clearly GAG ORDERS ...just how stupid do you think we are?...and as for JOE WALKER - then just WHY did you raise your hand when asked if you had a GAS LEASE?????? This is truly a rotten state of affairs for the Town.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

BCS - Educational Opportunities -

For those of you who have students at BROOKFIELD CENTRAL, there are several opportunities you should be aware of.    

The Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Albany says it has started to accept applications for the fall 2015 semester.The university, which is now independent of the University at Albany, said that a “significant number” of full and partial scholarships are available for those who are accepted into the prestigious program.SUNY Poly recently began accepting applications for admission to CNSE with authorization from the New York State Education Department.  Students can apply using the SUNY application, the Common Application, or by going to the CNSE website.

Another session of Let’s Get Ready (LGR) is about to begin at Colgate. As always, LGR provides SAT preparation for all high school juniors in our area. The SAT prep is provided by Colgate student coaches who have been trained by the national Let’s Get Ready organization and who have recently taken the SAT exam.  The Let’s Get Ready program meets two times a week on Colgate’ Campus. All high school students participating in LGR will receive approximately 15 hours each of both Math and Verbal Training. The program also includes two practice SAT exams. LGR will meet on Colgate’s campus on Thursday and Sunday evenings throughout the spring 2015 semester. The program will begin with the first practice SAT exam and a parent orientation on Sunday, February 1, 2015 and will conclude April 30, in time for the SAT test on Saturday, May 2, 2015. We are pleased to be offering both SAT preparation and LGR’s College Choice curriculum again this spring.  As in years past, LGR is FREE for all high school juniors. Although the program is free, students will be asked to submit a $25 deposit in the form of a check or blank money order at the start of the program. The deposit will be returned to students who meet the attendance requirement (no more than 3 absences). The application link: 

BCS - UPDATE - Veteran's School Tax Exemption Still Undecided

We hear back that only four veterans turned out for the January 14 public hearing to voice opinion regarding extending SCHOOL property tax exemptions to local veterans.  It's not clear at this point if the Board can offer this as an option or not; it may be that if the Board passed this, any veterans already receiving the county benefit would automatically get this one with no option to refuse it or not sign up for it.

Friday, January 16, 2015

TOWN BOARD - New RULES Severely Limit Public Participation

I guess the Brookfield Town Supervisor & Board have grown more than a little anxious with local participation in the Town Board Meetings.  Taking the lead from Madison County Board Chairman Becker's clamp down on public comment, Salka has introduced the new Rules for the Public which the Board approved on 1/12.  

Based on the new RULES, the Brookfield TOWN BOARD has effectively stopped public involvement and placed severe limitations on public comment and inquiry.  If all comments, questions, inquiries have to go through SALKA....quite plainly they are saying "we DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT ....OR DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT...."

Here is a portion of the introduction to the RULES:
The purpose of the public comment period is to discuss Town business only.....Town Board meetings are required to be held in public for the purpose of allowing the public to observe the meetings. (Emphasis in the RULES).......Individual problems,concerns or questions of the public should initially be addressed to the Town Supervisor’s office, rather than be brought up at Town Board meetings. This will allow the Supervisor to gather the necessary information and/or personnel to address those concerns. If those concerns are notaddressed to the satisfaction of the individual, then redress by the entire Town Board may be the next option. 

Salka refused to post the Rules before the organizational meeting and finally got around to providing them to the Town website, early this morning.  Check them out at the town website: