Friday, March 21, 2014

Bill Magee to face Democratic primary challenge

A Sherrill city commissioner and former Oneida County legislator plans to challenge Assemblyman Bill Magee to a Democratic primary. Mike Hennessy said he wants to run because he feels the farming industry in the 121st Assembly District has been neglected under Magee's tenure in Albany. He also thinks a new lawmaker could do more to bring attention to the Central New York district from federal representatives to help dairy farmers with fluctuating milk prices and stave off closing businesses. See full article from Syracuse Post Standard

Monday, March 10, 2014


On March 4, a couple of us attended "DA" DISTRICT ATTORNEY Night at the Brookfield Town Court. VERY Enlightening... here are our observations:....Must say... a surprise in every respect!...crowded - standing room only with people also lined up the staircase. Rough estimated 60+.... the 8 page "Docket" was available Tuesday morning. Very detailed. Includes defendant, charges, arresting officer, date of arrest, est. Without looking at the docket, I would estimate about 60-65% were motor vehicle tickets...ouch! those "surcharges" $150-200 on top of the ticket!!!... the balance included harrassment, trespass, child endangerment and a few DEC/Conservation charges. Both Madison Co. Sheriff office and Conservation officers were present (Con officer only one with the flack jacket!) .... Judge Brown started the proceedings at 4PM and Judge Ray later followed as they both took cases to work through the docket. Despite size of crowd it was orderly and a system. More serious cases seem to be adjourned to the next DA night (May 6)... an attempted arson charge was settled with the defendant heading out that night to serve his remaining 25 days of a 30 day sentence. Interesting that "adjournments" may have been mistakenly interpreted as "getting off".... Adjournments to the next DA night were not uncommon due to defendants not having met requirements like defensive driving courses, etc. .... however a couple of strange vehicle cases for one person dating back to 2007 and 2011...??? Overall, pleasantly surprised and amazed...worth attending.... left thinking these guys deserve a raise....($5,974 each per year). FOLLOW UP COMMENT FROM FELLOW OBSERVER: Yes. Was very interesting to watch the DA and Public Defender play "Let's Make a Deal"! The judges have no say in that and just levy fines and/or jail sentences. It will be very interesting to see what happens on the other court nights when the DA isn't there, essentially "directing the show". ......My hope is that we can turn this situation into a positive by giving people incentive to work together. Most import will be people being willing to stand up and say when they see something illegal going on, instead of being afraid.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ANIMAL RESCUE - Brookfield - 20 Dogs & Cats Found

Nearly 20 dogs and a half a dozen cats have been rescued from a home in Madison County after the Brookfield Dog Control Officer found them living in unsanitary conditions. Just reported by WSYR...thanks to new dog officer Dineen ! Rumor has it the dogs were located in North Brookfield...full article and picutres on here:

Saturday, February 1, 2014


The Waterville Times (1/29/14) reports Bob Piersma has taken on the CODES OFFICER job with the Village of Oriskany Falls...pretty full plate as Brookfield Highway Superintendent & Brookfield Codes Officer...and, according to the article, he is also the Morrisville Codes Officer.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

BCS - State Says FINANCIAL PROBLEMS at Brookfield Central School

Not looking good for BROOKFIELD CENTRAL's FINANCIAL SITUATION... ...Just how long does the BCS Administration think we can afford to pay these top-heavy administrative salaries $100,000 ??? This is a bit of information you sure as hell will not hear of from BCS Financial Office...when will this community realize the school is being run for the benefit of a few at the expense of the STUDENTS & TAXPAYERS!!! In a report released Thursday (1/15/14) by the State Comptroller indicates fiscal stress for BCS finances. BCS ranked #27 in fiscal problems out of 674 districts... with rankings from #1 as the most serious financial situation. Statewide, 13 percent are fiscally stressed, the report says. The most highly stressed districts in Central New York are LaFayette, DeRuyter, Skaneateles and Brookfield. Those districts are in "moderate fiscal stress" -- the second most serious category in the comptroller's report. LaFayette has the 14th highest fiscal stress level of the 674 districts in the comptroller's report. Brookfield ranked #27 in fiscal stress. The report is meant to give parents and taxpayers a factual starting point for conversations about the financial health of their school district. BCS was the only one of the four CNY schools whose admnistration did not offer a clarification or explanation to reporters. The system measures the specific finances of each district, not the overall health of a community The comptroller said most school districts found to be in fiscal stress are operating with low fund balances, operating deficits and limited cash on hand. They also have a much higher likelihood of using short-term borrowing to bridge cash flow gaps, the report said. See full article at POST STANDARD - they do a good job of covering education issues.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

What is going on in Waterville???

A Waterville man has been accused of having sex with a physically helpless woman, Oneida County sheriff's investigators said. Sean Spencer, 33, of Tower Street, was charged Wednesday with felony first-degree rape, investigators said. See complete article at UTICA OD Link

Sad state of a Fair !

RUMOR AROUND TOWN that... a certain Town Board Member is taking his milking stool and leaving the Dairy the County Fair. He will no longer act as the Cattle Superintendent at the Madison Co. Fair ....apparently, he is upset with fellow Board member (who is also "head honcho" at the MCF) over this board member's "deciding" vote (3 to 2) to the accept/adopt/approve the Comprehensive Plan rather than leaving it on "the shelf".... And word just in....apparently the Fair's electrician and another opponent of the Comprehensive Plan has also resigned from the Fair. Lights out! Sad state of a Fair !