Thursday, May 5, 2016

McMurray Forest Fires....Brookfield Preparedness?

After seeing the forest  fires in Canada, it makes you wonder if the Town is prepared for similar the DEC, Fire Depts, and Town have an evacuation plan in such an event?  a way to contact residents and campers; farmers and livestock owners?  Not hard to imagine given the dry conditions especially around Ouleout and Beaver Creek ...perhaps the TOWN BOARD could put on their agenda.

Monday, May 2, 2016


Not much notice to TAXPAYERS,...see the MAY 1 "notice" that

....  the ASSESSOR will be in Town this SATURDAY - MAY 7 from  10AM - 2 PM..

Sunday, May 1, 2016

BROOKFIELD 4/20 Special Meeting WATERVILLE TIMES - To the Editor

NOTE: I was advised that this letter went to the wrong email address so missed last week's edition... resubmitted for next week...hwb

April 29, 2016
WATERVILLE TIMES - To the Editor - BROOKFIELD Special Meeting

SENT TO:  LETTER TO THE EDITOR:   Waterville Times - Editor, Patty Louise

The April 20 Brookfield Special Board Meeting, appointing a replacement for Highway Superintendent Bob Piersma,  was an opportunity for the Editor  to see first-hand the growing frustration and anger over this issue specifically and the handling of Town affairs in general: from the highways to the garbage filled lawns.
While the Editor urged us to attend and ask questions; unfortunately, Town Supervisor Salka and his Board passed RULES OF DECORUM which prohibit questioning at Board meetings.    Although the rules allow public comments at special meetings such as this, they decided to eliminate that portion of the Special Meeting.   
 Only the Times was given an opportunity to ask questions ….AFTER the meeting.  Furthermore, it was NOT surprising to see Salka & Piersma's "explanations" regarding their contractor/customer relationship when, on April 11, a week earlier, Salka stated in an email to Rumor Around Town that:  "Bob gave us a fair quote and will be getting the job."  So why wouldn't they just come out and admit it rather than all the "double-speak" they gave the reporter?  Just another example of the root of this Town's problems.
Yes, the April 20 meeting would have been an opportune time to clear the air, unfortunately Salka and his Board only made it more confusing and left more questions.
As for taking these issues to social media:  when Town officials consistently turn a deaf ear to local problems; refuse to answer questions regarding their ethics;   blame others; fail to communicate and treat us as the "enemy" -- don't expect the Town's people to remain silent.  The people and taxpayers of this community deserve RESPECT not contempt.  This one they can't blame on ALBANY!! 
Very truly yours,
Honna Whelley-Bowen [Rumor...]

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SALKA & PIERSMA: Just what are the "FACTS" ? the "TRUTH"?

When we were planning the strategy for Salka for Assembly we said it would be based on the truth and on the facts.

Take a good read of the Waterville Times coverage of the of the April 20 Special  Town Board meeting and  in particular, the last paragraph which reads as follows:

APRIL 20 -  "Both Salka & Piersma explained to the Times that Piersma has not been paid money to build Salka's new house in the Town.  Salka said he has talked to several contractors about the work."


APRIL 11 - ONE WEEK EARLIER Salka emails to Rumor:

This is an answer to your tripe:·       Mr. Piersma had every intention of requesting a leave of absence BEFORE ever intending on building our home which, obviously no matter to you, is none of your business. After our daughter passed away we decided we could no longer live were we are and are building a new home. Bob gave us a fair quote and will be getting the job."

Why is it so difficult to get to the truth?...why the double talk? What are you HIDING?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Windfall for Chobani Employees: Stakes in the Company

CHOBANI - Shares the Wealth !!! 

NEW BERLIN, N.Y. — The 2,000 full-time employees of Chobani were handed quite the surprise on Tuesday: an ownership stake in the yogurt company that could make some of them millionaires.

Hamdi Ulukaya, the Turkish immigrant who founded Chobani in 2005, told workers at the company’s plant here in upstate New York that he would be giving them shares worth up to 10 percent of the company when it goes public or is sold. 

The goal, he said, is to pass along the wealth they have helped build in the decade since the company started. Chobani is now widely considered to be worth several billion dollars.

Read the Rest of the Article on the NY TIMES:

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Keep your eye on this week's WATERVILLE TIMES...

Rumor has it that there will be SEVERAL "Letters to the Editor" regarding the Highway Superintendent issue.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


There was a good turnout for this evening's "Special" Town Board meeting re: "Highway Superintendent".... and the mystery only deepens:

....the Board went into a private, 15-minute executive session;  came out and announced Mark Zediker would take over Highway Supt responsibilities for an extra $2.50 and hour;

.... HOWEVER... the Board PURPOSELY DID NOT make a resolution appointing Mark Zediker as Temporary Highway Superintendent...

When asked from the "public peanut gallery" why no resolution...Salka was prepared with a curt "we don't need one !"

... that's totally unusual!!,,,and why was the purpose of the meeting, as "Highway Superintendent" so vague...usually you have to specify what action is to be taken at the meeting...not just "Highway Superintendent"..., after the meeting rumor is that Salka and his Board used this particularly vague meeting notice language and no resolution so they could re-appoint Bob Piersma as Highway Supt after he finishes building Salka's house. Otherwise, why the covert operations?  No explanations;

...granted, it's a rumor, but why won't the Town Supervisor and the Board be up front with the community?. So much for  Salka's platform of transparent and open government!