Wednesday, July 23, 2014

NYS: Cuomo’s Office Hobbled New York State Ethics Inquiries

FROM THE NY TIMES.... Wm Fitpatrick, ONONDAGA DA, was a member of the MORELAND Commission..... 
NY TIMES Exclusive: Cuomo’s Office Hobbled New York State Ethics Inquiries
A high-powered commission created by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to root out corruption in New York politics was hobbled almost from the outset by demands from the governor’s office, which sought to shield his allies from scrutiny, according to an examination by The New York Times.
A three-month review of the panel’s short life and sudden death found that the governor’s office deeply compromised the commission’s work, objecting whenever its investigators focused on groups with ties to Mr. Cuomo or on issues that might reflect poorly on him.
Ultimately, Mr. Cuomo abruptly disbanded the commission halfway through what he had indicated would be an 18-month life. And now, as the Democratic governor seeks a second term in November, federal prosecutors are investigating the roles of Mr. Cuomo and his aides in the panel’s shutdown and are pursuing its unfinished business.


Monday, July 21, 2014

WEEK OF: July 21 (Mon) - July 27 (Sunday)

WEEK OF: July 21 (Mon) - July 27 (Sunday)
22-Jul Meet an Alpaca!!! 
Academy St. Park
22-Jul 7:00 PM   TOWN COURT
TUES Town Hall (Upstairs)
23-Jul 7:00 PM   BCS School Board REGULAR Meetings
WED BCS Building
THU   Regular Meeting
  Town Hall
   Historical Bldg
"Madison County Exposed" by 
Madison County Historian Matthew Urtz.  The talk will focus on crimes, 
scandals and events that headlined the local news in Madison County from 
its roots until now.  Featured topics include the first and last 
hangings in the county, the demise of the Loomis Gang, Madison County's 
“No-Hitter”,  and much, much more.  The event is free and open to the 
public.  Program will be followed by refreshments and business meeting.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

BROOKFIELD TOWN BOARD - Gas Moratorium & Judges' Audit

Below is a LETTER TO THE Waterville Times EDITOR, from Brookfield resident, Jackie Mineo, regarding the Gas Moratorium and Judges' Audit ...and lack thereof!

 To the Editor:

   At the Town of Brookfield’s last Board  meeting, as well as in letters to this paper, it has become apparent that there are some very unhappy people with our Town Boards decision to not extend the Moratorium on Gas Drilling…and with good reason. There was concern expressed about our Town Attorney voicing a legal opinion to the Board on the night of that vote that may have influenced the Board…an opinion he reversed at the following meeting. The recent Middlefield –Dryden appeal decision proved his initial opinion to be incorrect.   It’s clear to most people that this issue HAS to be re-voted on . Not just because of the shadow of possible misinformation but because no notification was given to the public that any vote on the Moratorium was to have taken place at that meeting.  One very upset member of the public  who pointed this out to our Supervisor, John Salka,  was told by him that people could have known because the agenda is a public document…except the agenda never became “public” until the night of the meeting!

     Another troubling  issue is the reluctance of our Town Board to perform a Judges audit for 2013…We’ve gotten nothing but excuses and delays.. A annual Judges audit is REQUIRED  by The Unified Court Act and Town Law 123. It is especially relevant to our Town this year with the death of  one of our  Judges.  The Board, by law, must do the audit itself or cause it to be done by a Certified Public Accountant or a Public Accountant within 60 days of the end of the fiscal year.  At our June meeting I asked when this audit (already late) would be done, as they had already discussed it at a meeting earlier this year. Incredulously, I was told by Mr. Head that it had already been done by our accountant. I had to remind them that our accountant had done the 2012 audit not the 2013 one. I was told again by Mr. Head “ all I know is that it’s already been done”. I asked when the other audits for Clerk and Supervisor would be done ( no Town Clerk or Town Supervisor internal audits have been done in years), I was told “ no idea”.  The Board came a bit more “up to speed” at our meeting this month and are now saying they are planning on doing audits, they have spoken to someone to do them, or help them, but they don’t know what it will cost yet. …and would still not say when it will be started.  The last Judges audit was done a full year late, let’s see how long this one takes.

Jackie Mineo

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

TOWN BOARD - Gas Moratorium - UNREAD LETTERS.....

It is a shame that the Town Supervisor Salka did not read the following letter to the Town Board which was hand delivered to the Town Supervisor's office PRIOR to Monday's meeting and was never, I'll post it here...contrary to Town Attorney Hadley's advice, that these moratoriums "aren't worth the paper they're printed on", the moratoriums and "home rule" did stand up in the courts.....but then again, it's apparent there are several board members who have a vested financial interest in gas drilling going forward in the Town...

To the Honorable John Salka and Members of the Town Board,

By a 7 to 2 vote, New York State's Court of Appeals has upheld for the 3rd time the Town Home Rule right to prohibit fracking and other forms of drilling. It's time for you and the Town Board to do the right thing for the vast majority of people in this Township. It's time to ban future drilling once and for all.  The evidence is in.  There is no more time for hand wringing and debating.  Brookfield must immediately join 200 other towns. We want protection now from what the Governor and and/or DEC may decide to do in the very near future.  We can't wait.  At the least, we should have a moratorium in place, but far better would be a public vote to ban drilling. It's time to act now or forever be personally responsible for us and future generations.  It takes only one member to make a motion and a 2nd to second it.  Now is the time to act responsibly for the future health and happiness of the people and the preservation of its incomparable environment and life sustaining water.
Kindest personal regards,
Hobie & Lois Morris

Monday, July 14, 2014

WEEK OF:   July 14 (Mon) - July 20 (Sunday)
19-Jul All Day Fairgrounds MULE DAYS
20-Jul All Day Fairgrounds MULE DAYS

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

AIR FRACKED: North Brookfield Got a BL*W Job!!

In 2007, North Brookfield water wells were literally blown out of the ground by natural gas drillers working on Ouleout Rd.  While doing some research I ran into the link below to an audio interview with local resident George Jaquay.... the interview is worth every minute and gives some insight into the local politics and pressures ....and deceit.  
 Town of North Brookfield, NY - Water wells blown out as a result of a natural gas well being drilled. Residents couldn't get any help and ended up accepting 15k from gas co. insurance co. as their only option. Unable to get help from the town or legal representation. Resident is buying his drinking water. Discussion with resident George Jaquay. edited by Kim Michels

Monday, July 7, 2014

BROOKFIELD CALENDAR: Monday, July 7 to Sunday, July 13

8-Jul Town Court 7pm Town Hall Town Court
9-Jul BCS School Board Meeting 7pm BCS School Board
10-Jul MADISON CO FAIR All Day Fairgrounds County Fair
10-Jul Planning Board Meeting 7PM Town Hall Town Board
11-Jul MADISON CO FAIR All Day Fairgrounds County Fair
11-Jul Youth HORSE SHOW  All Day Fairgrounds BR&DA/County Fair
12-Jul MADISON CO FAIR All Day Fairgrounds County Fair
13-Jul MADISON CO FAIR All Day Fairgrounds County Fair
13-Jul OPEN HORSE SHOW All Day Fairgrounds BR&DA/County Fair