Monday, October 24, 2016

BUDGET MEETING WEDNESDAY?....rumor has it that Mr. Salka has planned a budget meeting

BUDGET MEETING WEDNESDAY?....rumor has it that Mr. Salka has planned a budget meeting this Wednesday, October 26....we didn't see it on the TOWN WEBSITE that he constantly takes credit for but never, maybe it's bad news and he doesn't want anyone to attend....yes, a real open government candidate.... Mr. Talk,

Thursday, October 13, 2016

NOV BALLOT: What's Missing?.

NOV BALLOT:  What's Missing?.....Surprise, surprise....despite the anticipation of seeing a referendum to increase Salka's term, as supervisor, from two to four wasn't there....hmmmm

.....this is the second year in a row Salka has tried to put his term extension on the ballot...did it fail to meet the legal requirements?....again?  

So that explains why he is so sensitive about anyone running a campaign against him for supervisor .....perhaps that explains his emotional outburst at the October meeting.  We are only left to guess.  In any event, don't forget to vote and check out the ballot at this site from Madison County Board of Elections.   

NOV BALLOT - Website (Madison County Board of Elections)...

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

TOWN BOARD- Special Meeting re: Salt Shed; and Regular Meeting

TOWN BOARD- Special Meeting re: Salt Shed; and Regular Meeting
Obviously, this blog gets under Supervisor Salka’s skin but he still invited me to report on the Board meeting. He doesn’t have much interest in town business now that his eye is on Albany.  If the November referendum to extend his term of office passes, at least Salka will assure himself of four more years here in Brookfield!.  …”Career” politicians…just love them. 

SALT SHED SPECIAL MEETING:  Public hearing revealed $416,000 ( up to $430,000 total) will be needed to build the fabric covered salt storage facility…”the shed”…plus additional funds for work to be done by the Town. According to Salka, the shed must be built by Jan 1. The Town is using $100,000 of savings and borrowing up to an additional $330,000 (at low 1.43% for the first year)  to cover the  balance of the cost. The engineers, Barton & Loguidice (B&L), told the Board the Town needed to be cited by the DEC in order to get a grant--  that being cited by the DEC is a almost a guarantee that the Town will get a grant. Well, we were cited in March and could be fined up to $37,500 per day for violations. Sounds like "great" advice!  
GRADEALL: Major problems with this 1999 piece of equipment which the Town purchased used.  They tried to diagnose at the yard, but with no improvement.  The Board authorized Mark Zediker to bring in outside dealer to evaluate.  Zediker received compliments for his work as interim Highway Superintendent.

PROPERTY LINE BATTLE CONTINUES:  An on-going dispute with Flick’s Tavern has boiled over to the legal sphere as the Town Attorney was called in to send formal letter to owner, Frank Kabana, warning him about the encroachment on Town Property and order to remove furniture, etc. and stop parking on the Town’s lot. 

CONTAMINATED DIRT FROM THE TOWN BARN:  The County will take the contaminated soil for cover on the land fill.  This will be 1/3 the tippling cost of trucking it to Ava.  While Salka couldn’t put a total figure to it, he assured that it was 1/3 the cost.  Apparently, the soil is from old fuel tanks which were removed from the yard.  The Town was going to wait until next year to take care of the pile, but the Town was turned into the DEC and forced to move now.  Salka accused… "someone from Plainfield" turned us in!

BUDGET:   Yes, they are working on the Budget but Salka wasn’t quite sure where they stood or when upcoming budget meetings would be held. 

CODES OFFICER – Chad Trudell:  Has now finished his training. 

NEW TRACTOR & MOWER QUOTE:  The Town is considering spending approximately $116,000 for a new tractor and mower to replace the Town’s existing equipment. They will use the current broom. The dealer rep was not sure if the warranty covered labor. 

JUDGE’s AUDITS:  The Town is now doing the required, “annual” 2014 Audit of the former Justices of the Peace.  Why so late? Salka: “that’s the way we do it”…and have done so for the past 8 years.

JUDGE RHODES REPORT:  She has applied for a grant to cover security cameras in the courtroom area.  Court is held every TUESDAY; ADA District Attorney Night – next one NOV 1.  This past quarter, she and clerk Sharon Woolsey collected over $16,000 in past fines...most of which, unfortunately, had to be passed on to the State.   The Judge is also looking for someone to repair the steel doors and cement step.  Interested parties should contact Sherry, Marylou or Sharon.

PARKING SIGNS/ Fairgrounds:  Annual NO PARKING tickets handed out at Wheel Days.  Zediker was informed by the County that the signs needed to be replaced (so they are readable) and bushes cut away from existing signs; additional ones needed.  Clerk Kabana is to research the Town’s responsibility for signs. 

HIGHWAY EQUIPMENT - When asked if the Town owns or leases the highway equipment, Salka was at a loss to explain: ..."it's complcated....we own them but we lease them." Sounds like we're not the only ones confused!!!

DOG ENUMERATION – Need to do a new one. The Town is to follow up with Jodi Hawes, Dog Warden. 

WRECKER ROTATIONS:  During public comment, a situation was reported where a local wrecker, already on the accident scene, was turned away under the County protocol.  A wrecker from the other side of the county had to be called in to take the wreck, which remained a hazard for almost an hour during especially bad weather conditions near a bad intersection (Button Falls/Rt 8). Salka said he would take it up with the County who assigns/rotates wrecker coverage on Route 8. 

MISSING-  AGENDA, FINANCIALS:  Salka has not posted the agenda, financials or minutes on the Town’s official website since April;  Salka admitted they had not been posted, but maybe they would be posted if he gets around to it.  No big deal.  It's just the way it is done here .... Any problem with that?   YES!

A special thanks to the Leonardsville Community and Fire Department for hosting the October meeting.  Always a pleasure to meet there... the consummate hosts!...and great brownies!!!

Friday, October 7, 2016

TOWN - OCT 10 PUBLIC HEARING Starts 6:45 - $100,000 Reserve for SALT SHED

In case you missed it, tucked in the Public Notice section of the Waterville Times:

Monday - Oct 10 - LEONARDSVILLE  6:45 PM

Be sure to attend the PUBLIC HEARING at 6:45PM -- before the Regular, Monthly meeting regarding the transfer of $100,000 for purposes of partially financing the Salt Shed Project.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


In Brookfield, the unofficial results give Paul T. Owens the Republican on the November ballot for the town’s highway superintendent after defeating opponent Wade D. Furner by a tally of 77 to 31. In that town, there are only 5 absentee ballots, according to the election board.

So, will Owens give up his School job.... ?

PS - Becker ...With fewer than 40 votes separating Republicans Andrew Busa and John Becker in their bid for the Town of Sullivan highway superintendent ballot line in November, the town’s 59 GOP absentee ballots will determine the victor.
Busa currently holds 367 votes to Becker’s 321, according to the unofficial results posted by the Madison County Board of Elections. Republican Commissioner Kelley Hood and Democratic Commissioner Laura Costello confirmed there are currently 59 absentee ballots out; therefore, the board of elections must wait until Sept. 20 before making the results official.

Monday, September 12, 2016


September 17 - and you can bid on line!
Here is a link to the auction catalog.  There are a few Brookfield properties listed.  Check out the County listings at this site.....

Madison County Tax Foreclosure Real Estate Auction
Auction: Saturday, September 17 10AM. Registration at 8AM.
Location: Kallet Civic Center, 159 Main Street, Oneida, NY 13421

Bidder Seminar/Early Registration: Thursday, September 15th
Early registration 6PM and Bidder Seminar 7PM

Location: Madison County Office Building, 138 North Court Street, Wampsville, NY 13163

RURAL MORTGAGES for Low Income Residents Available - Contact Morrisville College - Oct 12 Workshop Meeting

This is a terrific opportunity for many residents and young families starting out.  This program was advertised in the MADISON COURIER....worth checking out!

USDA Rural Development Single Family Housing Direct Loan Interest Rates Reach Historic Low

Direct Home Loans Require No Down Payment and Offer a 2.875% Fixed Rate
The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Development recently announced that interest rates for the Single Family Housing Direct Loan mortgage program will decrease in September to 2.875%. This rate is a historic low since the program’s inception in 1949.
USDA Rural Development’s Direct Loan mortgage program helps very-low to low income families and individuals buy, build or improve homes in rural communities. These loans require no down payment or private mortgage insurance (PMI) and the standard term is 33 years. Payment Assistance, which subsidizes the interest rate can further reduce monthly mortgage payments for those who qualify.
“Expanding and preserving homeownership is a major part of the foundation for a stronger, more prosperous rural New York,” said Jennifer Jackson, USDA Rural Development New York Single Family Housing Director. “There is tremendous potential for our housing programs in Madison County, New York.”
“Rural Development will be conducting an on-campus Homeownership Workshop at Morrisville State College on Wednesday, October 12th 2016 – in Charlton Hall from 6pm to 8pm,” Jackson said. “I would encourage residents throughout Madison County and surrounding communities to join us if they would like to purchase or repair a home and learn more about our housing programs.”
USDA Rural Development’s mission is to deliver programs that will increase economic opportunity and improve the quality of life of rural residents. Last year, Rural Development in New York provided over $250 million in housing loans, grants and loan note guarantees, helping 2,274 families and individuals to purchase and repair homes.
For more information on this program visit — for details about the event at Morrisville State College, email Christopher Stewart at